Flexible solar panels

Now available in Australia the Solbianflex range of light weight flexible marine solar panels are now available from The Torqeedo Shop. These panels work as a good solar charger for the Torqeedo 1003 as well as ideal for use on any boat needing a solar array.

Torqeedo Power 26-104 Battery

Torqeedo provides state-of-the-art batteries for electric boat drives. The latest release raises the bar to new levels of safety and charge/discharge management. For boat drives, the Torqeedo Power  batteries represent an enormous increase in performance compared to conventional battery systems. Here are six important features of Torqeedo Power:

Solar Electric Launch

At The Torqeedo Shop we commissioned a solar electric launch from Scruffie Marine and we’ll be offering it for hire from Crystal Bay, Pittwater from about September.  In the months leading up to that we’ll be showing her in some of the many rivers between Brisbane and Sydney, and we’ll …

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Travel 1003

The strong clean outboard for small boats. The most popular motor in the entire Torqeedo range is the Travel  1003 which includes many advances over its 801 predecessor. And the nice thing is that these advances have come with only a very minor increase in price (for example the price …

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