Foldable 100W solar charger for Torqeedo batteries


100W foldable solar panel to charge Travel and Ultralight batteries

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We’ve had this solar charger made to order to suit the needs of Torqeedo owners.  This panel is twice as powerful, lighter, more compact to carry, and lower price compared to the standard Torqeedo solar charger and includes an integrated carry bag. It folds down to a very portable package and this panel will work on all models of Travel 1003 and 503, and Ultralight 403 and derivatives.

This is a foldable solar panel supplying 100W at 34 volts and using high-performance solar cells.  The latest compact foldable panel from Torqeedo only works with the newest batteries from 2015.  With this charger you don’t have to worry about which battery model you have because it will work properly on any Torqeedo battery with solar charging option. This panel gives enough output to run a kayak at a good cruising speed without using any battery power at all. Our users have noticed that it charges faster than the original mains charger, and it is similar to the latest mains charger when angled at the sun.  We’ve found the practical way to use it is when you set up camp you use the panel then.  Its easy enough to lean it against a bush or your kayak to angle it towards the sun and get really good charging even at the end of the day.

Includes built in cordura bag for easy transport and storage.  The bag contains a separate pocket to store the charge cable. The dimensions of the folded package are 56x30x5 cm so its very compact. Voltage at maximum power 36V, and open circuit voltage 43 V.

Plug-&-play connection for charging Travel 503 / 1003 and Ultralight 403 models. Compatible with all Travel batteries part no. 1144-00, 1145-00, 1146-00, 1147-00 and 1148-00 as well as Ultralight 403 battery part no. 1413-00 and 1416-00. To help with identification, it works with all grey Torqeedo batteries for Travel and Utralight except the first Ultralight battery for 402 part number 1411-00.

The Torqeedo solar changer has an advantage in respect of degree of water protection.  The charge plug of the Torqeedo model is waterproof to IP65 and the Eco Boats model is not.  If you intend to use the solar panel on board a boat where splashing of water can be expected we recommend the Torqeedo model.  For most other uses the Eco Boats folding panel offers superior performance and price.

Descriptor Eco Boats solar panel Torqeedo solar panel
Rated output Up to 100W Up to 50 W
Price ($AUD) $795.00 $1050.00
Cells Sunpower back contact cells High performance crystalline cells
Efficiency Cell efficiency 21.5 % Cell efficiency 22%
Weight approx 2kg 2.4kg

56cm x 30cm (folded)

123cm x 56cm (open panels)

60cm x 38cm (folded)
Compatability Works with any Torqeedo battery for Travel 1003 and Ultralight 403 models. Only works with batteries since 2015
Waterproof IP 65
Carry bag Integrated Separate bag


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 56 × 30 × 5 cm


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