Spare battery for Travel 1003 and 1103


Spare batteries for Travel 1003 and 1103

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Spare battery for Travel is available in two sizes and with the USB charge socket. Spare batteries are available in the original size of 530Wh or the higher capacity size 915Wh alternative.

The large battery  is great for anyone with range anxiety and will give almost an hour running at full power, and a must for anyone using the Travel motor to power a small sailing boat.  If you use a 1003/1103 to power a tender, the 530 wh size can be adequate if you only ever use it for going back and forth a short distance to shore. Even the 530 wh battery can take you up to 20 nautical miles on a charge at slow speed.  See the trip description and video I did on this topic a few years ago here.

These batteries (part number 1147-00 and 1148-00) have slightly different charge circuitry to the previous model batteries (part number 1144-00, 1145-00) giving them a more flexible range of charge sources.  A USB charge adaptor comes with these batteries and allows you to charge a mobile phone or similar low powered USB device.

These batteries can also be used be with Ultralight models (and variants such as Hobie eVolve).  As a spare battery for these models it will provide longer range than the original battery.

These batteries have charge control built in and can be charged directly from a 12v or 24v charge source, such as a cigarette lighter socket, when matched with the appropriate cable, available separately.  It can also be charged from either of the Torqeedo solar panels, even while travelling, or from a range of third party solar panels with open circuit voltages between 12v and 50v.

The standard charger for these batteries is 90 Watt charger Part 1133-00 and will fully charge the standard battery from flat in about 7 hours, and the large battery in 11 hours.  The charger known as the “fast charger” for earlier model 1003 batteries, does not produce enough current to work with this battery.

The original 45W charger for 1003, 503 and 403, part number 1127-00, also works with battery, although the charge time will at least be overnight, and almost 24hrs for the large battery.


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