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Purchase the Torq Trac dongle which connects between your battery and tiller cable.  Download the app for free on any Apple or Android device (must be Bluetooth compatible)

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Torq trac

Torq Trac app screens

Display the critical data from your Torqeedo motor on your smart phone together with maps and visual range information.

TorqTrac uses Bluetooth to transmit information from the data bus of your Torqeedo motor to your smartphone, where it can be merged with map information from Google Maps, enabling you to see in real time just how far you can still travel. You can also enter waypoints and view your expected time of arrival at your destination.

Torq Trac works with Apple iPhone and iPad as well as phones and tablets based on Android OS — devices need to be compatible with Blue Tooth 4.0 LE technology.  The app communicates wirelessly with the Blue Tooth device which you attached to your motor in a daisy chain manner with the data cable already used for connection to the throttle.

Torq Trac

Torq Trac


The classic speedometer shows current speed, power and distance traveled – and the usual remaining battery capacity, remaining range (based on current conditions) and the distance from the point of departure.

Especially useful at night or under low light conditions when the throttle display is awkward to read.

(Note for Cruise owners with lead batteries: the range display is not valid unless your Torqeedo Cruise system has familiarised itself with the capacity behaviour of the individual lead batteries – please refer to the Cruise R/T Manuals for more information.)

Torq Trac map

Torq Trac map

Maps and Waypoints

Use the map section to view your GPS position, course and speed in relation to geographical locations available on a Google map. A circle on the map shows the remaining range – it’s that easy.

You can now see how far you can still travel. Set waypoints, define your favourite locations and the system will give you an estimate of how long it will take to get there.

(Note that the maps are not navigational charts — this app uses regular Google maps which may not show navigation features and hazards)


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