Planet Solar in Brisbane

TÛRANOR - the planet solar expedition boat

Have you checked out the around-the-world solar boat that’s just arrived in Brisbane? Its a kinda star-ship Enterprise looking boat totally covered with solar panels.  I was hoping that our Sienna would be in the water to be able to welcome her into Brisbane—but there’s still a couple of weeks work to finish her off and get her launched.  In the meantime I plan to drop by today to get to know the folks on Turanor.  The name TÛRANOR is derived from the “Lord of the Rings” saga by J.R.R. Tolkien and translates as “the power of the sun” and “victory”.

How they compare

Its interesting to compare the Planet Solar boat with the Sienna solar boat…

Notice that the main measures of Turanor are about 100 times bigger than the Sienna.  Weight is about 100 times bigger and so is battery weight and capacity. And solar power is about 200 times different but there is room for two more panels, so if it proves to be a bit low, and my budget improves (wishful thinking!) I have the option of adding a little more capacity.

I hope to have some more photos today after visiting with the crew and will put up some more info after that. TÛRANOR will be docked in Brisbane somewhere. You can see more info on the expedition website at


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