90W Charger for Travel and Ultralight


90W charger – only for Travel and Ultralight batteries manufactured from 2015 and onward

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This is the new standard charger (item 1133-00) which works with batteries manufactured from 2015 and onward (ie part numbers 1147-00 and 1148-00).  If you are unsure of the age of your battery, check the serial number – the first 2 numbers specify the year of manufacture.  Eg. SrNr 18###…. was manufactured in 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: the 120W Fast Charger (item 1131-00) is for batteries manufactured prior to 2015.  This charger will work with 1003 batteries 1144-00 and 1145-00 and with Ultralight battery 1413-00.  This charger will fully charge the pre-2015 1003 battery (part number 1145-00) in about 5 hours.  Don’t be tempted to use the 120W charger with recent batteries such as 1146-00, 1147-00 and 1148-00.  The current that this charger produces is only 3.3 amps and falls short of the needed 4 amps needed by the charging circuit of the newer batteries.  The charger will not be able to meet the demand and will shut down on overload.




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