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There are 3 chargers available to charge your battery via mains power, however PLEASE NOTE that not all chargers works with all models of battery.  Please read the following information to determine which charger is best for your needs:

  •  45W Original Charger (item 1127-00)

These original standard chargers are slowly being phased out but are suitable for all Travel and Ultralight batteries, regardless of date of manufacture.  However, due to their much lower capacity the charge time will be much longer, eg when matched with a 915 wh battery the charging charge time will be around 24 hrs if fully flat.

  •  90W Standard Charger (item 1133-00)

This is the new standard charger which works with batteries manufactured from 2015 and onward (ie 1147-00 and 1148-00).  If you are unsure of the age of your battery, check the serial number – the first 2 numbers specify the year of manufacture.

  •  120W Fast Charger (item 1131-00)

This is for batteries manufactured prior to 2015.  This charger will work with 1003 batteries 1144-00 and 1145-00 and with Ultralight battery 1413-00.  This charger will fully charge a 1003 battery 1145-00 in about 5 hours.

(Note: Don’t be tempted to use this charger with recent batteries such as 1146-00, 1147-00 and 1148-00 because the voltage of this charger looks suitable.  The current that this charger produces is only 3.3 amps and falls short of the needed 4 amps needed by the charging circuit of the newer batteries.  The charger will not be able to meet the demand and will shut down on overload.




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45W original, 90W standard, 120W fast charger


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