Ultralight kayak motor


Complete propulsion package for your kayak weighing only 8.8kg including lithium battery.

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At only 7kg including battery this is indeed the ultra light motor when it comes to weight. Its not a lightweight when it comes to propulsion though — it’ll push your kayak along at up to 10km/hr which is faster than you’d like to paddle for any length of time unless you’re a very fit paddler.

When you throttle back to the kind of speed you might be able to easily maintain, the Ultralight can run for many hours, and probably about as long as you can.  Because its quiet and unobtrusive you can have it help you along and keep up with fast paddlers with ease.  You might want to have it in reserve for use on those days when you are padding back against wind and tide in the Hawkesbury.

Match it up with a solar panel to charge the battery in remote places and do that trip down the Murray that you’ve always dreamed about.  The integrated GPS will calculate speed and most usefully the remaining range in your battery.

The customised mounting options mean that you can fit it to most kayaks with just a few simple tools and half a day of your time.

We’ve fitted ultralights to other small boats as well, such as a small catamaran—a Hobie Wave—and with a customised mounting plate on open Canadian style canoes.  If you’ve not sure call us or drop us a line.

If you’re into fishing from your kayak an Ultralight will have you spending more time fishing and less time travelling to where the fish are biting.   Match it up with the Torq Trac smart phone app to display a map showing the range you have in your battery.

If you know what you want just order here and we’ll have your Ultralight on its way to you in no time flat.

Your Torqeedo Ultralight package comes with these items:

  • With integrated 320Wh high-performance lithium battery (or upgrade to 915Wh battery)
  • Comes with charger, remote throttle, on-board computer, GPS-based range calculation, emergency magnetic stop key and bag
  • Steering /tilting /auto-kickup – easy integration with your kayak’s steering system
  • Universal mounting ball for easy attachment to the kayak
  • 2 years warranty

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Motor type

U403 A, U403 AC


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