Travel 1003 and 801 on Old Town Canoe

Ramón, Araceli, Alonso and Hector at Brown Lake

These visitors from Universidad Tecnologica De La Zona Metropolitana De Guadalajara are researching alternative means of propulsion for fisherman on a fresh water lake that is the water supply for a Mexican city. The fishermen now use petrol outboards and soon they may longer be permitted to use them because they compromise the water quality.  So in conjunction with Dr Peter Davey of Griffith University they came to Brown Lake at Stradbroke Island to run some tests on Torqeedo outboards and a large canoe.

I happened to be on Straddie and was invited to contribute because of my experience with powering Torqeedo outboards from the sun. And Claude was here to provide technical advice about setting up and use of the Torqeedoes.

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