Catamaran kayak

David and Yukiko at Pittwater in their new inflatable kayak

I’d like to introduce David and Yukiko in their new inflatable Sea Eagle kayak with the Torqeedo Travel 1003 on the transom.  Its a nice stable design and the catamaran configuration makes it ideally suited to fitting an outboard with the prop between the two hulls.  For good balance the motor is mounted slightly forward of the stern of the two floats – David is looking to make some adjustments to its position because its a bit awkward to reach behind to control the throttle.

They’ve spent the afternoon scooting around in Pittwater in the vicinity of Scotland Island.

Late afternoon just out from Crystal Bay

They’ve spent about 4 hours on the water and reached a maximum speed of 11km/hr. The Travel 1003 seems to be a good match for this boat.  They hope to go on camping adventures up river and use the motor now and again to give break from paddling.

I met them on the water not far from Crystal Bay – luckily I had just picked up a Zodiac from Oli and Jen. It took about 10 minutes to inflate it and attach my 1003.  Top speed in this craft is about 5 knots if I sit in the right location.  These photos were taken from the Zodiac.

Cat design allows the 1003 prop to be in clear water unobstructed by a hull.

It fits nicely in the back of my little Daihatsu and means I can now do customer demos with this combination just about anywhere.  So if you’d like to see how it goes on the water, call me on 0409 466 271 so we can arrange a suitable time.

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