Travel 1003

Includes integrated battery and GPS for range calculation

The strong clean outboard for small boats.

The most popular motor in the entire Torqeedo range is the Travel  1003 which includes many advances over its 801 predecessor. And the nice thing is that these advances have come with only a very minor increase in price (for example the price for the 1003 is only $100 more than the 801).

I have one of these for use on my dinghy and as a backup for the main motor on the trimaran. In a pinch this motor can push Current Sunshine along at around 3 knots in calm conditions.

The new model includes these new features:

  • is totally waterproof
  • a 30% bigger battery
  • a 10% improved efficiency in the drivetrain
  • a 25% increase in power
  • an integrated GPs for range calculation
  • a digital readout for battery condition, speed, range, and throttle setting
  • a more robust design
  • and an optional remote throttle control

Not everyone knows about the remote throttle option.  The remote throttle for the Cruise 4 or the Ultralight both work perfectly well with the 1003 and this option is really useful when you are using this motor on a sailing boat. Because steering is handled by the boat’s rudder, there is no need for tiller steering of the motor. And quite often the motor is mounted on the stern and away from the steering position so its good to be able to mount the throttle within easy reach of the helmsman. It also allows you to position the digital readout in a good location for easy viewing.

For more information click here to download a product data sheet in pdf format.

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