Ultralight kayak motor

At only 7kg the ultralight won’t weigh down your kayak

Torqeedo brings you the World’s first dedicated kayak motor.

Kayaks are a simple, quiet and healthy way to get out on the water, whether for touring, fishing or just escaping for a few hours R&R.

If, like us, your memories of having energy to spare are a little hazy, then the Torqeedo Ultralight might be just the ticket – allowing you to get where you want to go and home again – even if the weather turns against you.  Alternatively you might be out fishing and need a hand getting back with the one that didn’t get away.  With a total weight of only 7Kg., the Ultralight can typically provide 4-6 hours constant running at a steady paddling speed,  much longer at a slower speed and about 5 knots flat out (about 9km/hr).

The high efficiency lithium manganese battery can be mounted in a hatch or outside storage well and is re-charged from mains power. This means you can recharge from say, a powered camp site, on board power from a larger vessel or even a 4wd dual battery system with a small a small 240v inverter.  All this without petrol, noise and oil leaks.

Ultralight motor on the back beam of Hobie cat

The motor is attached to the kayak by an adjustable arm which is easily removed for storage or transport—and leaves only a light weight bracket fixed to the boat. All the components are waterproof to recognised standards (IP 67).  Like all Torqeedo motors the ultralight is quiet, smooth and powerful and of course easy to start—you just turn it on— there is no pull cord or carburetor and plugs to foul up.  Also, at all times you have a reference to speed, power and range which are displayed on the throttle control unit display (which monitors battery and GPS readings).

We’ve even fitted an Ultralight to a Hobie Wave catamaran and you can read more about it here.

The Ultralight is available for $2750.00 and we ship anywhere in Australia.


  1. hi there…

    looking at these with much interest, i have a hobie sport and am looking for an eletric motor for it..

    how much is this motor?

    i am in perth

    thank you


  2. Hi there,
    The torqeedo ultralight 403 is Able to fit on OCEAN KAYAK PROWLER ULTRA 4.7


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