Cruise R series

The totally waterproof Cruise 4 weighs only 17kg

The Cruise R outboards come with a remote throttle, and connecting rod for remote steering, which makes them suitable as the main motor for a small yacht or river boat. The Cruise 4R is similar in thrust to a 10hp petrol outboard and I use this type as the main engine of my trimaran. The Cruise 2 is equivalent to about a 6 HP petrol outboard.

Running on 24v (Cruise 2) or 48v (Cruise 4) DC power it comes with a basic kit to connect it to the batteries of your choice. The smart throttle display can estimate the charge status of your battery bank whether it is the traditional lead-acid type or the latest lithium cells.

Cruise 4 planing on Lamoore 8ft6in tri-hull dinghy at 9 knots

Because it includes a built-in GPS and it monitors the power consumption it can estimate the range remaining in the batteries and display this as distance or time—whichever you prefer. For more information you can download a flyer in pdf format here

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Download complete price list here Torqeedo Australia RRP 2010


  1. HI,
    Search as I tried – I cannot find any costings on your site – which would say to me its expensive. But I thought I would ask anyhow.
    What do they cost?


    • Hi Mike,

      Hey thanks for the feedback. The prices are listed under the heading of Ordering, where you can see the prices of the individual motors. But I can see your point, because it does make it clear that you can look at the prices without having to order 🙂 And yes, the initial cost is expensive (but I wasn’t trying to hide that), and with the Cruise 4 they are over $6000. It would be nice if they were cheaper huh. Partly its because they are made in Germany. Its also useful to consider that you won’t have much fuel cost anymore (grid electricity is much cheaper than petrol) and the cost of servicing.

      When the cost of fuel, and the cost of refueling, is taken into account, depending on your circumstances, it can be significant. In a case I know of, involving a patrol boat used around a marina and canal development precinct, where the patrols are done 24/7, the savings in switching to electric drives amounts to 10’s of thousands each year.

      But back to you first point, I’ll take some steps to list the prices under the Products heading as well.



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