Free Torq Trac with remaining stock of 1003

Torq Trac App and Blue Tooth device

Torq Trac App and Blue Tooth device

All current stock of 1003’s will come with a free Torq Trac smart phone app.  The 2015 models will be available soon and until they arrive all 2014 stock of 1003’s are eligible for this free offer.

The 2015 models include two additional features:

  • USB charge port on battery
  • Fast charger as standard

If these are important to you then you should wait until the 2015 models are available.  If you don’t have a need for these you might want to act quickly to take advantage of the free Torq Trac offer which is limited to the current stock.  The USB charge port on the 2015 models allows you to plug in your phone or other small USB device for charging.  If you travel at night you could plug in a USB white light.  Most users will find that they charge their Torqeedo 1003 overnight and so the fast charger would offer no advantage or difference.

Personally, I’d take the Torq Trac offer while it lasts because, well, I just think its cool.  The range circle is especially helpful when you are in a new area and you can see on the map how far you can go until the battery is empty.

You can see the 2014 models, with free Torq Trac, on display at Sturrocks and Bosun’s Locker in Sydney, and at Malu Os electric boat rental at Noosa.  If you are not in these areas we can ship direct to your door. On the East Coast we can usually arrange delivery within a few days. and for Tassie and WA please allow about 10 days.

The Torq Trac also works with Cruise and Ultralight and Hobie motors and is available separately for $199.00.

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