New powerful Torqeedo outboard coming soon…

New fast Torqeedo outboard coming soon

Torqeedo will be unveiling a new powerful outboard in November. The full details of this outboard are not yet publicly available but as you can see from the video below it is fast and powerful.

What we can tell you is that it will be available as a package including a special lithium batteries designed for this motor. This will be the perfect package to produce a high speed petrol free tender for a superyacht, and will have lots of appeal for commercial operators wishing to reduce running costs.

In commercial installations that have high fuel costs that this motor will be very competitive.  What we know from electric vehicle operation is that he cost of electricity is substantially below the cost of the petrol or diesel powered vehicle and the same is true for boats.  For motor vehicle we expect to see fuel costs reduced by 70 to 80% based on Australian prices of fuel and electricity. The cost savings available for running commercial electric boats will be similar.

If you are a commercial operator of water taxis or similar fast vessels which return to base regularly you have the opportunity to reduce running costs substantially by switching to electric propulsion.

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