New stock available

New Cruise Tiller model available now

We now have a shipment of new stock including some of the new Cruise Tiller models.  Some of these have been sold already so if you are interested in one of these new models please drop me a line on the enquiry page.  I doubt I will get chance to update the online store for a few days so they will remain unlisted until I do.

Also part of this order is some of the new 26-104 batteries, but again some have gone already and there are only one or two remaining. The demand is high just now and if you are looking to buy any Torqeedo model it would be well to get one now or claim your position in the queue if its something we don’t have in stock.

In other news Torqeedo have been awarded the overall winner of the DAME award for the Electric Blue 80 HP electric outboard. I will put up some more news about this in a separate blog entry soon.

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