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Propellers for Cruise outboards and pods.

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For Cruise 2 and Cruise 4 outboards and pods there are three propeller designs to choose from – thrust, weedless or speed.

The original design was optimised for forward thrust and is what we now refer to as the thrust propeller. It is best for heavy boats or any boat not easily driven, such as a boat with high windage like a house boat.  Reverse thrust on this prop is not so powerful, and oddly enough all other designs have better reverse thrust. Recommended in special cases. (Item 1915-00 for drive pin shaft or item 1954-00 for splined shaft)

The propeller that is supplied standard with every Cruise 2 and Cruise 4 today is what we call the weedless prop. This is the most versatile prop and is most efficient at the speeds typically used for electric boats. It can run at speeds up to 19 km/hr. It has reasonable reverse thrust. (Item 1916-00 for drive pin shaft or item 1955-00 for splined shaft)

For light planing and high speed craft the speed prop is the best choice. Maximum speed for this propeller is 35 km/hr. This propeller gives the best reverse thrust and we find that for boats that spend a lot of time manoeuvring and docking this can be the best choice. Even though the boat may not plane or run at high speed the loss of efficiency at low speeds may be offset by its better grip on the water and good manoeuvring (Item 1923-00 for drive pin shaft or item 1953-00 for splined shaft)

The high thrust prop (item 1954-00) is standard with Cruise 2 and 4 Fixed Pods, however there is also folding propeller available. This propeller has a hub design that will only work with the pod motors and so is not suitable for outboard models.  The folding prop offers minimal drag when the boat is sailing. This propeller design also provides excellent thrust in both forward and reverse.  Maximum boat speed for this propeller is 13 km/hr (Item 1962-00)

For early Cruise 2 models with serial number less than 5000 please use three bladed propeller for 1003S.

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Cruise 2 & 4 outboard, Cruise 2 and 4 Fixed Pod, Cruise 10 outboard, Cruise 10 Fixed Pod


Drive pin, splined

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Thrust, Weedless, Speed, Folding


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