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This semi-flexible solar panel is ideally suited to charging 1003 and Ultralight batteries. This is a 24v solar panel to match 24v battery systems, and produces a suitable voltage to work with any 1003 or 403 battery. It produces 100 watts of power under good conditions and this is enough to charge a 1003 battery in 5 hours or easily in a day if you can angle the solar panel at an ideal orientation.  You could expect to see 40 to 70 watts or so when mounted flat on a kayak or small boat and cannot be angled directly at the sun.

This panel uses Sunpower cells which are the about the best energy density you get get in commercially available panels. These are the same type of cells used by Turanor the around-the-world solar boat which we saw in Brisbane a few years back.   The dimensions of the panel are 1050×540 and 3mm thick.

The panel comes with eyelets fitted in the corners for easy attachment to bimini cover or other fabric such as trampoline on a small cat.  It also comes with a suitable cable to attach to a Torqeedo battery charge port (for Travel and Ultralight batteries).  If you wish to use the panel for other purpose let us know so know to include standard solar connectors. This panel can be curved slightly and needs to be transported and stored flat.  It cannot be rolled or folded. Manufactured by Shine solar and has a 2 year warranty.  This panel is suitable for all 1003/1103 and 403 batteries, new and old models, including these products: 1147-00: 530 wh, 1148-00: 915 wh, 1146-00: 320 wh, 1413-00, 320 wh, 1145-00

The panel can be ordered with the cables mounted either on the front (as pictured) or on the back

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