Welcome to Australia’s specialist Torqeedo dealer

Interested in Torqeedoes?  You’ve come to the right place. We stock a wide range of Torqeedo electric outboards and offer the technical backup to help you best choose the Torqeedo and batteries to suit your vessel.  We can also offer on water test drives in a number of locations in South East Queensland.We’ve put Torqeedos in boats from a kayak to a fast offshore cruising trimaran, as well as collaborating on other projects such as specialised planing carbon runabouts, and autonomous vessels. Our main interest is helping people put Torqeedos on inflatable yacht tenders, harbour sailing boats and fishing punts.

You’ll see there’s news about Torqeedo installations, trials and Torqeedo adventures as well as news about product availability in our shop  and tech info.  Installations is about boats from dinghies to cruising catamarans that are running Torqeedos.  Trials is the results of tests we do on various boats to assess suitability for particular Torqeedo models.  Technical covers specialised or customs installations or adaptations, such as hydraulic steering of a 1003 for an inflatable kayak and so on. For our solar boat project there is a special category called, well, Solar Boat Project.

We give free technical advice on motor and battery installation and because we’re crazy about solar power we can help you design a solar poweredboat. We also consult on electric boat design and can supply inboard electric drives as well.

The Torqeedo Shop is an authorised service partner of Torqeedo so if anything does go wrong with your Torqeedo we can fix it for you.

We offer a no questions asked money back guarantee on our products. All we ask is that return the product within 30 days and in good condition.

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