Special deals on fast cartopper from GoldRush boats

Goldrush cartopper

If you’re familiar with the Torqeedo world you’ll know of Goldrush boats as the guys that designed and built the carbon Aggressor—the fast black boat from the front cover of the 2011 Torqeedo catalogue, and from the Cruise pages of this years catalogue. My friend Max from Goldrush is excited about his latest family of boats that he now has ready to go. He’s been working on a series of cartopper boats in a decent size and they are fast and light.

Being a new product he wants to get them out there and he’s offering the first ones at cost for those of you who are ready to step up to the plate and buy one before the end of May, or until the first batch are sold. Most cartoppers, to be light enough to be cartopper, a just a bit too small to carry a load and do a good turn of speed.  So his challenge was to use the lastest vacuum infusion technology and light composite materials to produce a light, strong boat in a decent size.

He already has valuable experience in achieving this objective with the carbon Aggressor. This boat so impressed Torqeedo in Germany that they ordered one for the managing director and its this boat that graces the Torqeedo catalogues. So Max applied this hard won knowledge to the design and building of this new series of boats ranging in size from 3.5 to 4.2 metres.

The biggest in the series the 4.2m weighs in at around 90kg offers speeds of 26km/hr with a single Cruise 4 motor, and around 17km/hr with a Cruise 2. The size of the boat means it is not greatly affected by weight and in initial tests the speed with just Max’s son on board were not noticeably better than a run with Claude from Torqeedo (apologies to Claude for what this might imply)…

On the trailer…

The special pricing of this 4.2m boat is $7300 until the end of this month. This price includes the optional casting platform and flat floor each of which adds 4kg to the weight bringing the total to 98kg.  A basic version can be had without the extras for a neat $5000.00

This boat is built using environmentally sustainable cork as the core material and vinyl ester as the bonding.

Also available is a low sided version of this boat and a smaller boat of 3.5 metres, also available in high and low sided options.

These boats were designed for matching with electric outboards and for being light enough to easily put on the top of your car with two people, or one person with a cartopping rig.

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