Sydney boat show and the boaties market

Long shadows of the bargain hunters as the sun's first rays light the field

Last weekend I displayed some Torqeedos at the Sunday boaties market held at the sports fields of the Victoria Point school. And next week I’ll be at the Sydney Boat Show helping out on the Torqeedo Australia stand.  What a contrast.

The boaties market is run by the local Volunteer Marine Rescue as a fund raiser to help them buy equipment for their rescue organisation.  The cost to have a stand is $10 and the entry fee if you are looking to buy is by donation.

My friends Steve and Miki were there looking for bargains to help in fitting out their cruising yacht, and we arrived in the dark at 4.30am at the end of a long queue already waiting for the gates to open at 5am. In keeping with the ‘bargain’ flavour of the day I had two superseded models, an old 1003 and an Ultralight 402 on display, and offering them at $500 discount to the current prices.

(All the 1003’s are gone but there’s still a couple of Ultralights if you want one at this price…)

Colour matched umbrella and hand written labels on the motors for sale—cool stand huh.

Here’s my stand at the boaties market—set up from the back of my car in the dark to be ready for the influx.  But I needn’t have rushed—the first rush of buyers are mainly looking for fishing bargains.

But later at a more respectable time of day there were cruisers interested in the 1003 because its is such a perfect match for a tender. The majority of 1003’s I’ve sold have been for use as a tender to a yacht and often the main reason is so that there is no petrol on board.

Next week I’ll be helping out at the Torqeedo Stand at the Sydney Boat Show so if you have any questions about Torqeedoes or electric boats in general please drop by and talk to use about it.

We’ll be offering some special deals on rental of the solar boat that Scruffie Marine has built for me.  If you can’t make it to the show we’ll also be having the special introductory prices available on the web as well.

An electric boat with attitude

You may have seen the carbon boat on the front cover of the Torqeedo catalogue.  This boat was built in Australia by Gold Rush boats and Max has built another one and will have it Sydney for the time of the boat show.  This is a special boat, extremely light, and can plane at around 15 knots with a couple on board.  Its out of my league but it would make an ideal fast electric tender for a superyacht. We can set it up for you to have a range of 2 hours at wide open throttle and all day cruising at 6 knots.

If you’d like this special boat finished to your requirements let me know and I’ll set up a meeting for you with the designer.

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  1. What Travel 1003 shaft length would you recommend on a small tender/row boat with a wineglass-shaped transom (with a keel running the length of the boat). The transom measures 23″ from the top to the bottom of the keel. Will the best performance come from a motor position a bit below the keel? Thanks!

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