Video for solar zodiac trip to Sydney

Coming into Sydney heads—the city skyline visible to the right of the mother ship

This is a followup to the story about the solar powered zodiac trip Claude and I did from Pittwater to Sydney a while back…  I’ve now prepared a video of that trip for your enjoyment.

Its posted on youtube and and available here on this page. The trip was an experiment to see how far we could go with a Torqeedo Travel 1003 assisted by solar power…

We used the old model battery which is 400Wh, compared with the new 520 Wh size. It had 17% remaining when we arrived at the destination.  Whats more interesting is how we were able to run solely on solar power for a large part of this adventure. Why not take a look—the video has many of the technical details but if thats not enough, go back to the previous blog entry, a link to this is shown above.



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