Travel 1003 in fresh breeze

Looking for a slipway that can haul Current Sunshine I went exploring around the southern end of Pittwater. With a Travel 1003 on a Zodiac I can ghost along at rowing speed all day. A measely 50 watts of power gives me about 3km/hr which is gentle travling for sure but I can do it . . . → Read More: Travel 1003 in a fresh breeze

New stock

At the shipping company yard. One pallet loaded—three to go… will it all fit?

Whew! Its quite a relief to have stock of most items. Since setting up shop six months ago its been difficult to get stock. Now for the first time we have at least one of most products and a handful . . . → Read More: New Stock

Lamoore tri-hull dinghy test

Buster supervising the trials…

Lamoore yachts at Palm Beach make some stable easily driven dinghies and I’ve been keen to try one out with a Cruise 4 and a 1003 and today I got my chance…

. . . → Read More: Lamoore tri-hull dinghy test

Solar powered Grey Nomads

Tim and Jocelyn with their new Torqeedo 1003

It took just a quick test drive of a Torqeedo on the Zodiac around Crystal Bay to convince Tim and Jocelyn that a Travel 1003 would be ideal match for their inflatable dinghy which they carry in their motorhome. Well, its not really a motorhome—with 1500 . . . → Read More: Solar powered grey nomads

New stock…

Stock of some models has been in short supply but next week I’m expecting stock of Cruise 2, Base Travel, Travel 1003 and Ultralight. I have already promised some of these and so if you’re thinking of ordering soon, give me a call so you’re in the loop.

Chris: 0409 466 271

The Torqeedo Shop . . . → Read More: New stock…

See us at the Sydney Wooden Boat Festival

Nice looking vessel huh?

The Classic and Wooden Boat Festival will be held on the weekend of 16 and 17 October and I’ll be there with Ian Souter’s Viking style rowing boat Se Upp. We’ll have a Travel 1003 on this boat and its builder, Rob Tearne, will be doing rowing demonstrations of this . . . → Read More: See us at the Sydney Wooden Boat Festival

Free shipping

Right from the start I’ve offered free delivery in the local area – and what I considered local is anywhere in the greater Sydney region. Thats quite an area, and clearly I was ok about spending time and money to do so.

On the other hand, I had this odd notion of charging shipping for . . . → Read More: Free shipping

Propeller trials on SeaEagle kayak

Which propeller should you use on the 1003? Did you even know that you have a choice?

The standard prop that comes with the 1003 is a two-bladed one that is optimised for speed and power for the vessel that Torqeedo expects most users to have. Thats a result of their market research and really, . . . → Read More: Propeller trials on SeaEagle kayak

Remote control of Travel 1003

What is all this stuff? David with the makings of an adventure.

You’ll be intrigued as me by the hydraulic steering that David has set up on his SeaEagle kayak and how we combined it with the remote throttle to make a really user friendly rig. As well we’ve done more comprehensive propeller comparisons . . . → Read More: Remote control of Travel 1003

Faster with three-bladed prop

A close encounter with a rock has brought an unexpected benefit for David on his Sea Eagle inflatable kayak. (See the earlier post for details of his setup.) The standard two-bladed prop of the 1003 was damaged irretrievably and as we had a three bladed prop available (as standard on the 801) Malcolm set him . . . → Read More: Faster with three-bladed prop